New challenge for Eric Wiseman

Publié le 5 Jun 2018Published on Jun 5, 2018

I am writing to share a decision that was not easy to make, that of closing my Wiser agency to take on a new challenge in my professional life. I will be working for my agency until May 17 for Distribution Lyncée and until May 1 for Bianchi, Sun Valley and Solid Design.

Here are the contacts for each company;

  • Bianchi Canada; Tony Silvestri 416-402-0096   or Enzo Iafrete 416-418-5000 
  • Lyncée Distribution; Nathalie Samson 418-903-4913 
  • Sun Valley (Sport Fashion Development); Guillaume Sabater 
  • Solid Design; Gilles Lalonde 450 420 1261 

I will be the new representative for Norco / Live to Play from May 18th for the Montérégie-Estrie territory.

Eric Wiseman