ARISQ launches new targeted trade shows presented under the AX brand, for ARISQ Xperience

Publié le 5 Jun 2018Published on Jun 5, 2018
ARISQ launches new targeted trade shows presented under the AX brand, for ARISQ Xperience

Montreal, June 20, 2018 – Widely recognized for organizing important industry events, the Association des représentants de l’industrie du sport du Québec (ARISQ) is introducing a new series of experiential trade shows operating under the name AX, which stands for ARISQ Xperience. These events will bring sporting good representatives and retailers.

The new events will be seasonal or sport-specific and reflect the dynamic approach that ARISQ is known for. By offering specialized products, such as bike equipment, AX events aim to better meet the needs of the organization’s members and retailers.

Three AX events are scheduled for the upcoming year:

  • AX Spring/Summer 2019 – July 17-19, 2018
  • AX Bike 2019 – August 20-22, 2018
  • AX Fall/Winter 2019-2020 – January 14-16 2019

By bringing together hundreds of exhibitors and brands, AX events will allow attendees to save time and money as they prepare for the next seasons.

A not-to-be-missed experience

AX events are central meeting places for sporting good representatives and retailers. They offer a more modern approach that promotes interaction, new discoveries and business opportunities in a friendly, professional atmosphere.

“With AX, we’re offering a whole new approach that’s more personalized and specific to key sport categories. Our goal is to help the industry thrive and grow,” said Marc Grisé, chairman of the board of ARISQ. “These innovative trade shows will make it faster and easier for buyers to find the products they need to satisfy their customers.”

Responding to rapid growth

Having earned a solid reputation over the past 25 years, ARISQ initiated this shift in the hopes of consolidating the association and helping it achieve its mission to serve its member base, which has grown substantially in recent years.

The enthusiasm generated by ARISQ events reflects the vitality of the sporting goods industry in Canada. According to data from NPD Group, the sporting goods market grew 7% in December 2017 compared to the previous year. This growth hasn’t stopped as the sports market continues to draw more people interested in a healthy lifestyle and sports apparel.

“The sports industry is growing rapidly. At ARISQ, we strive to be attentive to participant feedback and have developed these specialized events to make it easier for retailers to find products and grow their businesses,” said Linda Fortier, who has been the general manager at ARISQ for the past 15 years.

As a forward-looking association, ARISQ will continue to innovate to meet the needs of sporting goods retailers and representatives.

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For information or to schedule an interview with the president of ARISQ:

Linda Fortier, General Manager of ARISQ

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